World War 3, A Bankers War

World War 3, A Bankers War
How different this world would be if the majority of the population took the time out from their unquestioning lifestyles

 to investigate the reason and the people behind the instigation of war.

Who benefits from it? Ask yourself that question. World War 1, World War 2, Napoleonic Wars, Russian Revolution, to name a few, are the creation of Bankers. You're sold a bill of goods, my friend. All this chest beating about countries and their sovereignty, the fight against terrorism, and how we must stand up to defend our democracy from the "evil doers".
First of all, what democracy? Since when has Fascism, and a world run by criminal oligarchs been a democracy? Do you really think, come election time, your vote makes a difference? If you do, then I've got some beach property in ArizonaI'd like to sell you. It's all rigged.
Bankers, such as the Rothschild's, from as far back as the Napoleonic Wars (maybe even earlier) have been running the show. They use patriotism, propaganda, they demonize the target in advance, through their bought and paid for media empires, and they will go after anyone, any country, that threatens their bottom line. Your children die in wars in far off lands to increase their profit margins (the military industrial complex, for one). Notice I say, "your children" because theirs are quite safe and far removed from any reality of war.
The western financial system is collapsing, and most people are too busy watching reality TV to realize it. The western bankers are desperate to hold onto their power, control and global influence. And they don't want you to know about the vast amounts of money that they've stolen that should have gone into growing our economies.
Look at manufacturing in the west, outsourced. Software and computer research is slowly moving to India. Why? Because it's cheaper and more profitable. The elite can borrow money at zero percent interest in this buddy system they've created, and buy up just about anything they want, strip the assets from it and discard it like a useless corpse, along with all the jobs it supported. It happens everyday, not only in manufacturing. Take a look at "National Geographic" and the job losses. Again I ask, who benefits?
It's time that people in general woke up to the world we are living in today, before it's too late. Have you ever seen those photographs from the Victorian times in the east end of London? The dirt poor living six families to a few rooms, with no running water and toilets. Take a good look at those photographs, look into the eyes of those people. I hear you say this couldn't happen today. Well don't you believe it. If it suited the bankers and the elite, they'd do it in a heartbeat. Look at the 1929 Wall Street crash, with a little research you will find out that those in the know moved their assets out before the crash and bought everything after it for pennies on the dollar, but that couldn't happen today ! yeah right.
We are living in the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world (do your own research). And when this baby pops, life for a great many people will never be the same, not in their lifetime. Of course most won't notice this until the supermarkets are empty, the grid goes down and there's no running water. Then let the hunger games begin.
But of course, this is all doom and gloom, right? Could never happen, right? Tell that to Greeceand Cypress. Look at the Middle East. Europeis building fences to keep the refugees out. The EU is broke, the USA is broke. Everyone's printing money hand over fist. Britain has doubled its debt under George Osborne. Over five thousand pounds a second last time I checked the debt clock. This is how the bankers run the world.


All the gold is heading east, all the debt is heading west, and if there is a global reset of the currency, (or should I say our worthless non gold backed paper) then all I can say is that for most of us, well, we won't be singing Kumbaya.



Eddie Carrigan


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