1. Lonely Day

From the recording Thoughts

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Lonely Day

If I must confess,
I will take you through the hallways of my long lost life
I will greet you there,
Through the rooms that cast a shadow on a thousand years
It's all mine I fear,
I am certain this existence will not fade or tear
Take a breath right now,
I will let you stand before me through this world long gone
And though I may walk beside you I am more than one
I'm the voices of the past that soon will be reborn
Somewhere in life somewhere between somewhere in time.

What do I see ? There's comfort in the darkness

What do I hear ? The hands of time are ticking

Never for me, Immortal in existence

I long to be free, I've lived a thousand lifetimes...

It's a Lonely Day, It's a Lonely Day, It's a Lonely Day........

It's a Lonely Day.......Repeating... Lonely Day aaay!