Why am I not on Spotify and other streaming platforms? 

Today we are living in a corporate world, and in my opinion the royalty gap between musicians earning a decent income from their work has been on the decline for many years. It was bad enough for most musicians in the days prior to the internet, with all the shinanegins  of the major labels, and their teams of lawyers working out contracts to impoverish the musicians they signed whilst enriching themselves. And now with streaming services such as Spotify, this scenario has been taken to a whole new level, and they’re not finished yet. At this rate it won’t be too long before musicians will have to pay those services in order to get played at all. 

It's a new spin on an old game, and quite frankly I am not in the least bit interested in being exploited by those entities. They can keep their promises of promotion to large volumes of listeners, it’s all smoke and mirrors, they’re in this business for one reason only, and that’s to make a profit and you’re  the product 

There are a lot of real music lovers out there who want to support their artists, not the corporate shareholders. 

Why do I write in album format instead of just putting out singles? 

Some call it old school to write albums today. They say people don’t have the attention span to listen to a full album anymore. I don’t believe that. There’s a big difference between a music lover, and a casual background music listener. The main reason that comes to mind is the fact that the latter is a surface skater, with little interest in listening to the lyrical content of a song, or the emotional impact that an album can have on you. I write albums because I like to put out a body of work that represents me at a given time. A single is a piece of the canvas, an album is the full painting. I write for music lovers like myself, and if that’s a smaller percentage of the listening audience out there, then so be it. 

Why do I still make CD’s? 

When you own a CD or download, it’s yours forever. No matter what happens to streaming services, you will own your music and be able to play it any time you want. Streaming and subscription services sound more like Klaus Schwab’s  “You’ll own nothing and be happy “ pitch. I am a baby boomer and I appreciate the physical format.