1. Masquerade
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A glass of chardonnay to celebrate this room,
The painted walls reflect the sunlight from the dune,
The white silk curtain flows in motion with the breeze.
It makes it all surreal, and harder to believe.
The sound of ringing brings distraction from the heat,
Somebody's talking on the phone.
The masquerade is on.

The main street runs toward the beachfront cavalcade,
This foreigner can't speak the language of the day.
Caught in confusion by the jet lag coming on
My head is spinning, as I head out of the door,
I can't begin to tell what day I'm living in,
My eyes are blinded by the sun,
The masquerade is on.

Looking out across a troubled life,
You hear the voices in the wind,
Now you may find yourself alone at times,
But it ain't what you find, it's what you feel inside.
The masquerade is on.

How does it feel to be the man in paradise,
So far away from all you've known.
This time is real, this is the moment in your life,
---- Nobody knows you, you can be who you want.
The masquerade is on.

I'm woken by the rain and thunder through the night,
I close the screen door 'fore I check up on the time,
My mind is slipping into worlds so far away
I reach for comfort from that whiskey by the bed,
Can't seem to satisfy my reason to be here,
I never said just where I'd gone,
The masquerade is on.

Are you reaching for more than you need,
On that long road ahead.

Sitting by the water's edge at night
Just contemplating everything,
The sense of freedom that you feel you have
It ain't no easy ride, but it's a place to hide,
The masquerade is on.

Spinning and turning, a lost paradise, oceans of water between,
Who's the mystery man leaving clues in the sand
On that tropical island of dreams,
The masquerade is on.

It goes on and on and on and on and on