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Eddie Carrigan is an adult contemporary singer-songwriter, producer, whose music is aimed at a mature demographic. He is a Scottish Canadian, who has always resisted the temptation to be easily labeled. Ironically, that point of view in itself, has helped define the type of artist he is today. Whether in the studio, or performing live, he has the ability to retain an emotional connection with his listeners. 

Eddie has released five full length albums Eddie Carrigan, Universal Sign, Somewhere Over Mars, The Mission Bell and Thoughts .

The Eddie Carrigan CD saw two songs "Wish It Would End" and "Taxi Cab" receive national radio play across Canada. This was followed by the title track "Universal Sign" from his next release, receiving national radio play across Canada. His third CD, "Somewhere Over Mars" was originally slated to be another Eddie Carrigan release, but having recently formed a new band he decided to put a spin on his name by releasing it under the band name Karigan. 

2011 saw the release of "The Mission Bell"

          "The Mission Bell is a solid outing for Carrigan, one that deserves to be held up next to the biggest names in the genre. The songs are craftily penned, creatively arranged and powerfully performed by a topnotch artist, everything that a record  needs to be successful in a day and age when listeners are flooded with new music on a daily basis. Only time will tell if Carrigan will receive the international acclaim which he deserves, but regardless of where his life's journey leads him, this album is a testament to the talent and hard work that permeates Carrigan's musical output.
There is also a strong message in Carrigan's music, in the same sense as Bruce Cockburn, Sting and Leonard Cohen bring meaning to their songs through lyrical storytelling"*

*Matthew Warnock (Editor In Chief for Guitar International Magazine)

Eddie Carrigan is an intelligent songwriter whose thought provoking lyrics blend well with his hook driven arrangements. He has an eclectic song writing style that allows any of his songs to fit seamlessly together no matter how you mix them up.

If there's an art to storytelling and capturing the listeners imagination within the limits of a four minute song, then clearly Eddie Carrigan has that gift. He is a prolific songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, who has even dabbled in movie soundtrack composition, whilst song writing in Los Angeles. Diversity is the engine that drives him, although it does not come at a price, on the contrary, it's another asset in this writers arsenal.