From the recording The Mission Bell

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Well I left my home this morning heading East for NYC
Had an offer of a new job from a West side company
Now I didn’t want to leave here, all my friends and family
But I’ve been six months without work now and it’s getting hard on me.

Heading East along that turnpike with a deadline to keep
I’ll be there by the mornings first light

From the heart of the country to the big city bar
I’ve got all that I own lying there in the trunk of my car
Got my mind on the future, guess there’s no turning back
But I’ll be coming back home when I can, you can quote me on that
To the heart of the country

I can see that big horizon as I drive into the dawn
With a bridge of steel below me and the rising of the sun
It’s a long way from that Main Street that I stood on yesterday
Seems a year ago already, since I turned and walked away

It’s so lonely here without you I walk the streets to clear my mind
I’d give everything to have you here but I know that ain’t the plan
Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing when I’m lying here at night
Then you call me up, and let me know, that it’s all right