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Shadow Of The Damned______________________________

A gypsy woman dressed in beads and bangles
Came and stopped me on my way,
Let me look into your eyes, she said,
I sense there is a burdening of late.
I did not answer, unsure of what to say,
And yet she seemed to understand
I'm in the shadow of the damned.

I crossed her palm with silver
Taken from a dead man bludgeoned on the road,
She closed her eyes and said
There'll be a reckoning upon you, don't you know
Fate has not spared you the freedom that you seek
Now you've become a wanted man,
You're in the shadow of the damned.

I cannot write the wrongs I've made,
I cannot change the past.
I do not ask that I be saved,
I know where I am, I know where I stand,
I'm in the shadow of the damned.

Sixty days have passed beyond
That fateful meeting we had on the road
And now I am a prisoner
Sitting in this darkened cell on dead man's row.
My life is over, save for the judgement day,
Her gypsy words have come to hand,
I'm in the shadow of the damned.