From the recording The Mission Bell

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The Mission Bell

I can feel the air, getting hard to breathe,
I can sense the darkness in my sleep,
I am looking out for what may follow.
I can hear the cry from a distant shore
Somewhere over there, way beyond what’s known,
I can sense the reason not the sorrow.

Sometimes I feel out of control
Sometimes this world just seems too much for me to hold.
Losing the grip though no one can tell,
I walk to the sound of the Mission Bell.

Another misty night just beyond the door
Voices of a past life calling home,
I am in the madness of the moonlight.
Do I live in fear, will I venture out
Can I find my new world in this doubt
Do I seek to live this life I’ve shattered?

Where do you go, what do you know
What can you hear, what do you fear
There’s no way out, there’s no way in
I can tell you what you’re thinking,
What you’re thinking, what you’re thinking........