From the recording Servants Of A Plan

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Spin Machine

You might find that I'm inclined to close my eyes all day
Wishing it was only for the moment.
In my mind I wish that I was somewhere far away
The ruins of a castle far from nowhere.

In my dreams I live alone where chaos cannot reign,
A hibernation from these troubled waters.
Living with the multitude, insanity is king
And every day it seems it's getting closer.

People smiling, talk of freedom, living as they've been
Is the program on, it's been on so long.
Question nothing, safe as houses, see what you can see
It's right in front of me,
Behind the Spin Machine.

The coming of the future may not seem so far away,
The constant hum of servitude not certain,
And those of you that see behind the curtain every day
Can thank the stars above that you've awoken.

We are in the open, we are standing in the light,
And yet we're only conscious of the dream,
Information overload, the truth is hard to find,
The truth is everywhere,
Behind the Spin Machine.