1. 8. Atlantis

From the recording Servants Of A Plan

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A midnight breeze upon your face,
Yesterday's papers blow around,
The empty pool halls on the east side
Host the ghosts of better times.
The cheap hotels that line the streets
Become a harbour of lost souls,
And traffic on the Gateside Bridge
Becomes a distant noise once more.

Silent river, stale and cold - the walls begin to fall, the siren tolls
For Atlantis, for Atlantis.

That summer coat won't keep you dry,
You search for shelter from the rain.
Standing in doorways passing hours
Will not bring a better day.
The sound of footsteps passing by
Become an echo in the night.
Another ship without an anchor
Heading nowhere, killing time.

Crashing waves, troubled waters,
-The rising of the tide, the final call
For Atlantis, for Atlantis.

Another coffee you'll awaken
Been a long night in the making
Sitting in this small cafe 'till sunrise

That little voice inside your head
That stares into the great unknown
The one that holds you back
When you want to test the waters down below.
That all night coffee shop that warms you up
When snow begins to fall
Familiar faces in these places
Bring you comfort from the cold
For Atlantis - -
For Atlantis.