1. Run

From the recording Eddie Carrigan

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I don’t want to play guessing games,
I don’t want to look in your eyes,
I don’t want to think of what to say,
I don’t want to be surprised.
I just want to live life, and love,
Now I need to find a way,
All I ever asked was peace of mind,
But that ain’t what I’ve got today.

Run from the city, run from the night,
Run till you break away.
It’s such a pity you’ve lived your life,
Running from yourself each day.

Sometimes when I dance late at night,
Outside when the moon is full,
I can hear them sing and laugh out loud,
Tell me can you hear them too?
It’s only when I dream I think of you,
You can steal my thoughts away,
There’s another place far from here,
I can almost see the way.

Why do you keep on rising,
Why don’t you ever change?
Why is it so surprising each day begins again.