1. Simple Life

From the recording Universal Sign

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There are no pictures anymore,
The television’s gone.
Once I had a radio,
Used to listen all day long.
I’ve no distractions, I am pure,
Got no remorse, have no design.
I am the truth and you are the voice in me,
What’s your advice?
A simple life.

There is no tragedy unsung,
There’s no religion in your heart.
There are no words to contemplate,
There is no trace of who you are.
It makes no sense, yet I believe,
You are the hurricane outside of here,
And I am the sailor lost at sea,
What’s your advice?
A simple life.

Oh a simple life, so far from here, so far yet near.
Oh, a simple life where I can be eternally.
And if in a moment unguarded, I look back again,
And see that I’m standing on tracks out in front of the train,
I hope that I’m given the chance to be calling your name.
Take my advice, a simple life.