From the recording The Mission Bell

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I must protect these eyes of silver grey
For I am one whose longest night is day
An innocence belies the truth within,
A masquerade that hides so many things
And I will fly and I will be reborn,
And I will soar until the ends of time,
And I will walk amongst you everyday,
‘Cross a room, ‘cross a street, I will mark your way.

I’m a raven in the sun,
I’m back in black, and I’m the only one.
I’m a raven in the sun,
I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll fly, fly till the day is done

I am the soul of your forgotten fears,
I am when time began and disappeared.
I am the seeker of your hearts desire,
I am the son born of the endless fire.
I am the wind the rain the hurricane,
I am the lightening that reigns down again,
I am the force that cannot be denied,
I am he, we are thee, I am by your side.

Just close your eyes, you’ll find me anywhere,
I’m in your dreams, I’m in your very soul.
I am the dark side of another day,
Where the light does not rise when you open your eyes.