Take the Red Pill

Some of us believe that life is an illusion, and one's subconscious thoughts shape the future, others believe in destiny and everything is preordained with the outcome written in stone. There are those travelling the journey of life, blissfully unaware of anything that hasn't been programmed into them by the powers that shouldn't be. They are unaware that they are a slave to the system that moulds them into a convenient resource to serve a higher power.

Puppets for politicians, controlled by powerful families give the illusion of choice to the masses. As George Carlin once said "It's a big club and you ain't in it". No matter what ones beliefs are, it's apparent to a large number of us that something is wrong with the matrix; be it a global economic crash wrapped in a plandemic, cyber warfare or climate change. More than ever there is a war on for the control of our minds, our souls, our beliefs.

Empires come and go, societies that seem destined to remain for ever, crash and burn. The cycle continues throughout history. Where are we in all of this? Perhaps we are just "Servants Of A Plan"

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Song Of The Week

My Silhouette

Better watch what you're saying, 'case somebody can hear, 

We got the bills growing higher, we got the rent in arrears, 

Ain't no money for saving, and the future is already spent. 

Don't know what I'll be hoping to find 

Behind my silhouette.